Kalyn Schroer

Otterbein University

I’ve been told that my work exhibits economy, the sparing or careful use of something. With the proper amount of marks, colors, and details, I efficiently solve design problems. Simple solutions are my ultimate goal.

Due to my focus on simplicity, each element is purposeful. I eliminate unnecessary marks, words, or colors so that each element complements rather than competes with the others. My pieces include an effective harmony of white and filled space in order to be bold and noticed but not to overwhelm or confuse viewers. I provide enough information, but I am sure to leave blank space to let viewers tell their own story.

Alongside my minimalist image, I love designing with color. However, I realize that color creates battles that a black and white piece would lack. Often times, I use a bold color paired with neutral colors. It provides a nice balance. I stick to three or four colors per design so that each receives optimal attention without distraction.

My purposeful nature of design elements, bold but precise use of color, and simplistic but noticeable composition each reflect my interests as a person. I am determined and careful but also spunky. Because my work tells a lot about me, my pieces are very close to me. Therefore, I invest much time and energy into every project that I complete. I love when others appreciate my work, but my greatest pleasure occurs when I feel fulfilled. In my opinion, work that exhibits economy also exhibits great success.

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