Xiaoting Qiu

The University of Findlay

Looking through that little window, turning the ring with my thumb and middle finger, turning it a little bit to the left, no, wait, a little bit to the right. There it is, the view that I am trying to get is falling into focus. It is just me and the little scene I am looking at through the view finder. Everything else around me fades into a foggy blur. Everything stops, slowly becomes transparent and then eventually disappears. Time, people, sounds... everything. It’s just me and what I am seeing right behind this little window. At that very moment, squinting eyes, fingertip silently placed on that little dot... trying not to make any sound, scared that even the sound of my breath could shatter this moment.

Murmuring in my heart, 1, 2, 3... click. Eyes blinking again, looking up and around, everything goes back to what it was before. Time starts ticking, people start

moving, the sound is live, everything is back on again. I snapped a picture, but it feels like I just stole a little piece of something from this world. An eternal moment from an instant. I stole more than just a frame of a photo. I possess a string of memory belonging to what and who were in front of the lense, which was not supposed to be taken by anybody. I witnessed a secret. A little secret between the little window and me, or, even to those who were present when I thought everything else around me had disappeared. Only what and who are in the photo and I know the secret. Only we know the true story. But the power is in me. When the photo is finally out, you can only imagine the truth... Who really knows?

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