Emily Ludwig

The University of Findlay

This collection of oil paintings was created as a cathartic need to express the feelings and emotions generated by the sad and confusing ending of a long-time love, and the hopeful and heart-warming discovery of a new one.

I am a very tactile driven person; always touching fabrics I encounter, running my hands across stonework and pillars, or simply exploring how an object feels on my fingertips. It is this compulsion that inspired the means of creation found in these paintings. All of the paint is applied using only my fingers, while I sit on the floor directly facing the canvas. Doing this allows me to transfer my emotions and thoughts directly in to my creation as they happen, without the flow being impeded by a brush. Once the canvas has been covered with paint, I go about stripping the medium from it with a palette knife in a seemingly counterproductive move. From here I may choose to then reapply the layered curls back on to the canvas for the depth and texture I crave.

Each painting is a snapshot of my emotional state in time and is created as soon as I feel a strong sentiment that tells me it needs to be released. The colors and shapes are unplanned and organic, and build on each other in a way which makes sense in that moment. Finally, each canvas is completed in one sitting and is created using a unique soundtrack dedicated to that creative instant, often only one song on repeat, but which then lives on in the title of the piece, never to be used again.

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