Sierra Lawhead

Otterbein University

I am a studio art major with concentrations in communication design and photography. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in architecture and nature. Spending hours outside in the garden with my mom gave me an appreciation of the natural world. While my love for architecture blooms from an interest in learning about history from a young age. I find myself drawn to the stories nature and architecture can tell.

My love for learning about history was reawakened in art history classes. It is during these classes that I was introduced to multiple abstract artists. Artists like Georgia O’Keefe, Aaron Siskind, and Ansel Adams inspired my explorations into abstract photography. My main two focuses of this portfolio are fire and water. I’ve been focusing on looking for beauty in something that can cause so much destruction. These two elements are essential to life, yet they also have the capacity to destroy lives. Manipulating both elements, I have examined the dichotomy between them.

I have utilized both digital and film photography for this series. Using digital photography allows for more control over my photos. However, I found myself drawn back to the dark room recently. Few things are more relaxing to me than spending time in the darkroom. I used my time back in the dark room to explore photograms again, where the possibilities are infinite.

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