Ellie Chaddock

University of Mount Union

Art has been a focus in my life for as long as I can remember. Drawing, painting and creating was a joyful hobby when I was a child. It became a needed escape from the pressures of life as a teenager. As a young adult, it has turned into a craving in my core, that I am always longing to satisfy. I am grateful to have studied many aspects of art throughout college, and to have developed my skills. I chose to focus my senior project on abstract paintings, as it allows me to explore a completely new focus of vision and creativity in my artwork. The subjects of these paintings are outdoor scenes, such as sunsets and landscapes. I turned these scenes into abstract pieces with lush and vibrant colors found in nature. Each completed work expresses a mood based on the original setting, such as sunny happiness, content relaxation or perhaps a frustrated storm brewing in the distance. My desire was to complete something beautiful in what is being expressed. I grew up on a farm surrounded by rolling hillsides, golden fields, and tall pine trees. My family home is high on a hill, where sunrises and sunsets dazzle. I have always been awed by the beauty of the countryside. My hope was to reproduce this type of awe-inspiring beauty in my abstract paintings. Although the result of each painting is far from the original realistic scene, my goal was to channel both the beauty of nature and the mood a landscape conveys, in my completed works.

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