Katie Paull

University of Dayton

As an avid artist, teacher and traveler, I am constantly exploring and making. Influenced and inspired by nature around me, my process-laden and material rich work is an exploration and reaction to place. Working with encaustic and glaze forces me to work intuitively. As I give up expectations of a certain outcome, I see parallels in the media I work in to the unexpected forces of nature. These materials and processes support my desire to abstract the landscape, to capture the feeling and essence of a place, rather than a specific visual representation of a place. There is a perceived lack of control while working with these materials which fosters spontaneous responses. Having learned to work with the unpredictability and freeing nature of encaustic painting and glaze process on clay, I respond to the way materials interact embracing what could be seen as mistakes but become only happy accidents.

The dialogue between each transparent and opaque layer, communicates a sense of time and captures the presence of my hand. Never sure of what a piece of work will turn out as, they are all unique responses to situations presented to me. I am able to work freely, follow my instincts and let the materials run their own course. Similar to my work, I have learned that teaching is a intuitive process that demands my flexibility. I am constantly learning and adapting, finding an appreciation for the spontaneity in both my artmaking and teaching experiences.

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