Rachel Humbert

Capital University

I have always been drawn (no pun intended) to portraiture. In general, life drawing captured my attention from the first formative experiences I had in art and never seemed to let go. This series of artworks is centered on the ideas of emotion and expression. I’ve always been told my face is an open book I think this is because my face often betrays my true feelings well before I speak. Exploring the expressiveness of the face has become an integral element to my artmaking practice, and it’s something I love to explore through the subjects of my portraiture. Drawing a person’s likeness allows a sense of intimacy to a drawing. A person’s face tells so much about who they are. Portraits allow me to get at the essence of the person and explore facets of their personality through the artmaking process. I am able to develop a deep level of intimacy with the subject through the act of drawing portraits. This intimacy creates a bridge that allows me to communicate and convey a deep sense of depth and emotion.

I work by breaking things down to a minute degree, carving out space, shape, and shadow from the surface. I begin by distilling the face into discrete elements that I build on and elucidate through drawing. Seeing a face as shapes allows me to capture minute details that can often escape notice. I prefer to work in small scale because I feel it adds to the level of familiarity with both the subject and the message felt in the work. It forces the viewer to look a little bit closer and observe a little bit longer.

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