Rachel Moell

Cleveland Institute of Art

Memories come and go in pieces and resurface through disjointed events, at times they are only remembered through physical evidence, a photograph, a pin, a receipt. I investigate the act of remembering through fracturing and reassembling personal and family photos, this allows me to reflect and remember for myself and have a physical recording of how my mind works in retaining information. Painting allows me to manipulate color and mark to render certain elements within my paintings differently to reflect many ways and extents things are remembered and with more saturation and intensity, an idealization. In printmaking, I am able to be spontaneous and investigate mark, positive and negative, and composition through monoprints. The materials I use allow me to play with surface qualities, transparency, and thickness to show and exaggerate their characteristics. I’m not presenting an illusion but a documentation of remembering. Rachel Moell is a senior studying Painting and Printmaking. She has received several awards like the CIA Gund Family Scholarship, Joseph McCullough Scholarship, and the HC Cassill Scholarship. In her junior year, she was selected to participate in the Creativity Works internship program at CIA, where she curated and put together a group show called A Flowering Pep Talk that was at Popeye Gallery at 78th Street Studios. She has been in various exhibitions at Newsense Gallery, Intown Club, Praxis Fiber Workshop, and CIA.

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