Leah Trznadel

Cleveland Institute of Art

As a photographer, I am interested in the medium and how it functions in both its physical and conceptual attributes. Photography carries with it a mediation which affects our perspective of the natural world. Since the invention of thte fixed image, the physical world has shifted to a photographic one– the worth of experiences is measured by its photogenic qualities. An experience that doesn't look good on camera isn't worth documenting and therefore remembering. The focus of my work is portraying the photographic process and its capabilities through means of performance and material.

It's nearly impossible to resist sticking a hand in some wet cement if you pass a freshly poured patch on the street. Cement allows for a documentation– an "I was here" moment which hardens and becomes permanent. I strive to show the embodiment of photography in materials such as cement and hope to demonstrate how it is that photography functions in our world.

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