Emily Fergus

Ohio Northern University

Artists have immense power so it’s important to use it wisely. We have the ability to cause people to question and learn new things. Art is about more than making things pretty, it’s about making statements and making a change. It’s about using your craft to support what you believe in. I believe in making people re-see the world around them and as a graphic designer, I aim to make my work do just that.

This collection of pieces is a compilation of many of the topics but they all aim to do the same thing, cause the viewer to rethink the way they live. We all take things for granted, especially the everyday. It happens quickly, we fall into routine and get adjusted to our environment and the way we live. Until suddenly we forget to really look at what’s around us. But the mundane isn’t really mundane, and how we live our lives makes an impact on our world. Sometimes we just need a reminder.

My work is not traditional art, but campaign systems carefully thought through and created to be implemented into everyday lives. I believe this is the most effective way to make a lasting impact and impact lives daily.

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