Erin Wolf

Oberlin College

Using drawing and painting, my work expresses values of femininity and emotional vulnerability. Utilizing bright colors and female bodies, often in twisted fetal or lounging poses, the pieces ask the viewer to examine femininity in its unapologetic and raw form. The work is obsessive, it repeats the same figures and shapes over and over again, the surfaces of the paint are scratched and scoured. The goal of my work is to uncover the meaning that arises from an intensive diaristic process of making work. Dealing with a concept of femininity based in emotional expression and submission, the paintings and drawings reckon with challenges in my life relating to grief, heartbreak, and queer identity through a feminine lens. I hope to draw the viewer into a world of expressive patterning and shapes, while staying within the confines of a canvas or page. This chosen structure situates the work in connection with my consistent practice of drawing and writing in a diary, the canvas or paper mirroring the format of a page. My recent work is inspired by female artists such as Dorothy Iannone, Baya Mahieddine, Nina Chanel Abney, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Louise Bourgeois and others; and with these pieces I invite the viewer into a colorful, messy, and obsessive feminine world.

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