Rosa Rumora

Kenyon College

Through my work, I aim to explore the act of making and its ability to expose systems of energy that exist between two and three-dimensional space. For me, these systems manifest themselves in patterns, rhythms, routines, and their inevitable rupture. My process involves layering, laminating, collecting, collaging, adding, and/or subtracting. I intuitively create organic forms with multitudes of fractures, cracks, holes, bubbles, and seams. I tend to break materials down as far as possible and build them back into a new presence. To me this reveals the composite nature of their perceived wholeness. Whether its paper, socks or steel, my goal is to tap into each material’s seemingly invisible fractures. Their reformation is a response to cues provided by their own inherent materiality. My work begins as drawings or sculptures, but ends as mutations of the two; they are spaces full of tension and energy. The patterned seams of these spaces exist for me to insert bits of life and manifestations of growth and change. I see this artistic process as an embodiment of the patterns and rhythms in our lives. They seem two-dimensional, but in reality, they grow and shift beyond that. They vibrate and toggle between the positive and negative. My goal is to create spaces where that energy is palpable.

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