Lilly Buttitta

Baldwin Wallace University

As an artist, I focus on creating a visual narrative that engages the viewer. I draw on childhood memories of my favorite haven, the forest that surrounded my home, which has had a permanent effect on how I connect to the natural world with familiarity, curiosity, and wonder. In some ways, I have used artmaking to reconnect with the nature I miss. Not only am I painting foliage, but my process includes working from photographs I take of my models in nature, so it includes the physical act of hiking and discovery. I hope that people will view my artwork and feel the sense of exploration. The human form fascinates me, and the depth that lives in expression or lack of. Our eyes tell so much without uttering a single word. By placing my models in natural green environments, I explore our inherent connection to the earth. The formal aspects of my work are important as well, as I rely on detail and composition to draw the viewer in, and hopefully keep them interested. Through the use of light and the human figure, I hope to create art that is ominous, intriguing and beautiful. Throughout my artistic journey so far, I have found myself drawn to a more limited analogous color palette of green and orange, because simple manipulations of this color combination can create a more foreboding and unsettling atmosphere, while still allowing the figure within the painting to look united with the landscape around them.
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