Jacquilyn Richardson

Capital University

Growing up, I always had a knack for drawing but I never took it seriously. It wasn’t until I was well into high school and discovered the romantic narrative painters of the late 1800s that my love for painting was born. These painters used art to express the beauty they found in the world, and there’s nothing more beautiful to me than people. As Renoir said, “A picture should be something pleasant, beautiful, joyous- yes joyous! There is quite enough unpleasantness in the world without the need to manufacture more”. My work as a whole is about my process as much as the piece itself. Not specifically the technical process, but the people I encountered and the relationships I made along the way. The secrets of painting have been passed down from teacher to student for centuries. In creating my own work I am able to touch a different time and add to this extensive and meaningful history. My inspirations include Alma-tadema, Waterhouse, and my greatest teacher, William Whitaker. William instilled me with a passion for painting, but perhaps most of all the blessing of connecting with others through art. The goals for my paintings have always been about capturing the essence of my subject; their kindness, intellect, and inner beauty. This changes my experience as a painter, and it is my only hope that it translates to the canvas.
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