Grace Oller

Columbus College of Art & Design

Grace Oller Artist Bio I am a sculptor and installation artist whose work denaturalizes habitual ways of seeing by celebrating overlooked moments in architecture and space. I choose objects commonly found in interiors, like power outlets, or locations that are overlooked, like cracks in parking lot tar, and recontextualize them through the process of recreating, casting, or drawing three dimensionally. I then select material such as bronze, fiber, or glass for how they highlight the aesthetic and historical qualities of these sites. By casting an air duct in porcelain and placing it in a gallery, I use the preciousness of the material and significance of the place to point to the value and beauty of the referenced object. My work is primarily black, white, or muted in color like the environments we are surrounded by, a result of the Western ideal to hide what I desire to magnify. I am completing my BFA in Fine Arts, the History of Art and Visual Culture, and Creative Writing from Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) where I am a 2017 Creative Excellence Scholarship Award winner and am currently a curatorial assistant at the Columbus Museum of Art. Other programming includes a month-long curatorial residency at Second Sight Project and participation in a group show and artist talk at Angela-Meleca Gallery, NoPlace Gallery, and Wild Goose Creative Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.
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