Sadie Baumker

Columbus College of Art & Design

I am a quiltmaker using physically and mentally repetitive techniques that allow me to examine my role as a woman and my ability to choose whether to reclaim or reject ideas of traditional women’s work. Inserting objects such as dolls, plants, irons, toys, birth control pills and other contraceptives, I transform the connotations these objects have. My use of bright, solid, primary colors and hand-sewn applique techniques add a playful aesthetic that contrasts the burden and frustration that are underlying in my connection to these objects. My interest is in the monotonous, repetitive nature of tasks such as taking birth control pills, watering plants, making meals and ironing clothes and how these can relate back to the process of quilt making. With the inclusion of toys and dolls, I examine the role toys marketed to young girls have in perpetuating the responsibilities women are expected to have later in life. When I create my quilts, the initial purpose in mind is not its functionality. Rather, I use these quilted pieces to display collections of objects, to exist as its own object and to be an act of catharsis that allows me to cut, measure, fold, iron and sew my way through the frustrating and complex ideas of gendered responsibilities.
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