Anna Newman

Denison University

Anna Newman is currently a Senior at Denison University, earning her BFA with a minor in Art History. Her work combines painting, sculpture and installation to construct an enticing environment in the eyes of the viewer. Much of Newman's work revolves around her personal life, childhood and family. As her practice has evolved over the past year, she came to the realization as to how much the concept of "loss" is reflected within her work. Beginning with her early painting practice, which reflected her healing process from a traumatic relationship, to her installation work which allowed her to construct consoling spaces following the loss of a key figure in her life. Newman's creative process revolves solely around that, the process. The process of constructing her work holds a significant amount of the pieces' meaning. Her practice reflects the ongoing course of processing such loss. Anna's painting practice and overall concept draws inspiration from Greer Lankton, and her exploration of the body, substance abuse, relationships, romance and her eating disorder. Within her installation work, Anna draws influence from James Turrell, and his utilization of light, space, color and the constructed allurement in the eye of the viewer.
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