Emma Raible

Kenyon College

I love images but I am in love with the process of recording, printing, exposing and displaying them. I began studying art in a darkroom photography course in high school. Since then, I have been studying images and the process by which they are created and interpreted and their role in art and politics. I am interested in photography as an art form, as a means of visual storytelling and as a form of social and political commentary. My practice is highly technical. I embrace the rules of photography chemicals, and the limits of lens based work. I think of art as my method of commenting on and controlling the world. My work explores identity, memory, perception, the idea of home/place and the interconnection between physical and emotional landscapes. The five palladium prints in this portfolio portray everyday objects with reverence. In this series, I wanted to use the camera to capture stillness instead of motion. I chose to use white on white in an effort to depict utilitarian objects, such as a cup or a pile of papers, as almost sacred artifacts. By making everyday objects the subject of carefully staged images, I hoped to elevate these items and invite the viewer to pay close attention to the beauty of their forms and the direction of light. The five digital photos are from a project I completed upon returning home for the first time after going far away to college. Returning to the house I lived in my entire life had the surreal quality of a dream or memory, the once familiar obscured by distance. By cloaking spaces I knew so well, I was able to capture my feeling of strangeness and allude to the end of my childhood by evoking the tradition of covering mirrors in a house of mourning.
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