Zachary Duncan

Mount St. Joseph University

As conscious beings, our realities are constantly being controlled and distorted by energies of the mind. These energies are manifested deep within us and extend out, manipulating our experiences in the physical world. Whether it may be thoughts, emotions, moods, feelings, or states of mind, we are constantly under the influence, and in the presence of intangible forces. As an artist, I have become obsessed with exploring and visualizing these indiscernible artifacts that warp our perception of the world. My work focuses on altering digital photographs using only elements found within them. This process allows me to morph and manipulate my physical reality so as to envision my personal, unseen reality. I can simultaneously visualize my subjective and objective experiences giving the world a more accurate and in-depth glimpse into my personal existence. I consider each of my photos to be self-portraits of not only me, but of my mind and the state it was in when each photo was taken.
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