Charlie LaShell

Otterbein University

My name is Charles Jeffery LaShell. I was born and raised in a Philadelphia suburb and then at the age of 16, moved to a privileged area around Indianapolis. The move began my perpetual stumble as an outsider and I began to not care what people thought. Reflecting on the past, the start of my art career began by me recording myself going to see the chick flick "Me Before You" in theaters by myself. I didn't find the formal art world until second semester freshman year at Otterbein. I began college studying Marketing, and focused on playing lacrosse. I took a 2D design class for fun during the second half of my first year. The next semester I took painting 1 and immediately changed my major. Art to me is fun and largely experimental. I use drills, hardware, and any mechanical tool which can give me a unique mark. The process then becomes a vital portion of each artwork. When I use traditional drawing and painting mediums my process is very much reactionary. I make marks and react to them with more complimentary marks until the piece is overworked. Exhausting an image happens regularly and I have to consciously control myself from making too many marks. To me the most important aspect of art is uniqueness, a unique idea is the spark for forever change.
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