Abigail Grasso

University of Rio Grande

I am a senior who is majoring in Pre-Art Therapy, which is a major in art and a minor in Psychology. After undergraduate school, I will be attending graduate school to get my master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in plans to achieve my goal of being an art therapist. I chose this field of study because of my love for art and my want to help people in need. Mental health is very important and by using art, I want to help as many people as I can. My work deals with these issues of self-doubt and how it impacts a human. I focus on the human figure, body image, and the way that people perceive their self and others. I aspire to make work that displays the issues of different body types. Throughout my work, I use multiple different medias including ceramics, metals, pastels, paints, and photography. I keep my colors neutral with many pops of the color red. Between my two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces my goal is to make or take the human figure and present it in a way that a viewer will grasp the concept that all humans, all genders, and all shapes go through the same issues. Most importantly, in my work I strive to help people understand that they should not let society determine who they are or how they should be.
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