Grace Worley

Wittenberg University

My name is Grace Worley and I am studying to become a PK-12 art teacher in Ohio public schools. A good majority of the inspiration for my art comes from the students I work with. I enjoy watching them discover new techniques as well as coming up with some very interesting project ideas that come about from their own inspirations. For this series, I was inspired by the fact that the ideas from the students at school are sometimes very broad and mundane because they have not yet developed the inquisitive mindset of a college-level artist. As I work on my thesis, which revolves around moments in time that change your perspective on things, I decided to take a few steps back and create artwork that is based on the inspiration from the students I work with. I chose to depict objects that literally bring light to life in an abstracted visual composition. As an artist, I like to experiment with light and shadow as much as I can. I choose to work with graphite pencil so that I can create artwork that is full of details yet it also allows me to include the shades of light and dark values that intrigue me. I create art to show a different perspective on things that are often overlooked and sometimes even taken advantage of. To me, my art brings life and light back into scenes and objects that can change your perspective on life itself.
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