Sheridan Davenport

Xavier University

My life has been a compilation of twists and turns, acceptance and rejection, organic and structural entities, all of which have crafted who I am today. Growing up, the essence of who I am was always challenged. My blackness was often questioned based on my interests and the way I speak. My ability to succeed as both an artist and athlete was also frequently scrutinized. I just simply didn’t fit in to anyone’s box. When I discovered my true passion for art, I chose to focus on authenticity without the restraints of labels. My work often consists of bold, eccentric designs that explore the essence of color. I’m particularly drawn to color because of how the colors of my life have made me who I am. My aesthetic is anything that stands out to the masses, while inviting them in to my mind; essentially, individualism amongst unity. Encouraging self-meditation and appreciation for everything that makes each and every one of us who we are is the ultimate reason why I love to share my art.
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