Crystal Amberlyn

Ohio Northern University

In addition to visual arts, business and psychology are strong interests of mine. Through my experience as a designer, I have found a strong connection between the three. The success of a company, project, etc. is highly influenced by visuals and how those visuals influence the audience's thoughts and behaviors. I came to realize this connection through my education and experience as a consumer. In many instances, I have noticed how design influences my actions. Whether it is choosing to purchase a product, trying a new store or restaurant, clicking on an Instagram ad or even reading a retailer postcard, the design influences my behavior. This level of importance is a reason why I enjoy design. I am making a large impact on the client's success, and I am influencing how people think, act and feel. Therefore, I aim to create designs that give a strong first and lasting impression as well as communicate the message and feeling the company, product, campaign, etc. is trying to convey.
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