Cass Penegor

Cleveland Institute of Art

As a draftsperson and printmaker the work I make is primarily 2D works on paper, but lately I have started to explore the idea of 2 1/2D installations, or work that can only be accessed from the front and the sides; these pieces begin to inhabit our spaces and overtake walls and furniture. I am inspired by things such as agates, personal essays, biomorphic abstraction, Fred Astaire movies, and bodies. In most of my recent work you will find organic forms, or organic friends, that are shapes that often feel vaguely familiar, but also resist naming; they could be foam or bubbles, intestines, or something you’d see under a microscope. While working I am thinking about process and responding to the materials I am using, especially in print, while also thinking about nature and my own body. My work is often methodical and follows systems, much like a body does; internal systems, bodies working as machines, artist working as machine. I am constantly thinking about the idea of micro and macro, cells and cities, process, time, and scale, both of the work and the scale of things in the work. I believe that my organic shapes are both much smaller than us, but also infinitely larger at the same time.
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